SEDI Programmes

Top-Up Degree in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation

Top-Up Degree in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation is designed to equip undergraduates and graduates to become future business and technology leaders with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the digital age, this full time and part time program addresses technology-centric transformation in business and society.



SEDI Programmes

Professional Executive Master in School Administration and Management

This program is a high quality continuous professional development program for Head Teachers, Principals, school managers and owners, provosts, rectors, VCs and proprietors of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

The School Administration and Management is designed for individuals who are looking to improve their skills in school administration.


SEDI Programmes

Professional Executive Short Program in Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Agric-Business

The SEDI/RBS Professional Certificate Program in Management and Leadership and Entrepreneurship is designed for Nigerian entrepreneurs and corporate executives (Founders, CEOs, business owners and managers) whose businesses are currently at growth stage and who are looking to scale their business expand their market reach and attract potential investors and strategic partners.

SEDI Programmes

Professional Certificate in Information Communication Technology

Information Technology is a very dynamic field and new technologies are introduced every single day. Certifications are important to ensure that you are on top of these developments and that your skills are updated. As the industry evolves, new types or sets of certifications continue to crop up.

SEDI Programmes

Professional Certificate in Digital Innovation and Tech Start-up Program

The Program has all the fundamentals to lead this movement where we create an eco-system to help build the tech calibre of Tech Start-ups and digital entrepreneurs. We are poised to amalgamate the disciplines using a 'whole-stack' approach to co-create the next engine of digital innovation growth in Nigeria.

SEDI Programmes

SEDI Youth Development Training Programme

SEDI's Youth Development Training Programme (SEDI-YDTP) is designed to equip the youth with the leadership, mentorship, training and skills required to cope with life's challenges in partnership with Central Bank of Nigeria, Bank of Industry, Bank of Agric, Development Bank of Nigeria, National Information Technology Development Agency, ...

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